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Whether it is a German helmet that carries a story of struggle and perseverance, a Belgian helmet with its own heroic history, or an American helmet that speaks of courage and solidarity, each piece is soaked with unique characteristics.

Unique floor lamps: History and lighting together

Discover our exclusive collection of floor lamps that offer a unique combination of history and contemporary lighting. Each piece in our collection is made with carefully selected helmets from the First and Second World Wars, making these lamps not only functional light sources, but also a tangible connection to the past.

Each helmet has its own story and this is reflected in the character of the lamp.

Lighting with Character

The floor lamps in our collection not only offer a warm and inviting glow, but also add character and personality to any room. Whether it’s a stylish addition to the living room, a striking element in the hall, or a special lamp for your office, these unique fixtures are sure to attract attention.

If you are looking for more than just a lamp, but a piece of history for your home, our floor lamps and floor-standing lamps are the perfect choice. Illuminate your space with Light up History’s unique glow and pay homage to the past with style and class. Discover the unique pieces that will enrich your living space today.

Let history shine in your interior!

Discover and order our exclusive floor lamps today.