Unique Floor Lamps with Authentic Helmets from WWI and WWII

Welcome to Light up History, where lighting and history come together in unique floor lamps made with authentic helmets from WWI and WWII. Ideal for a mancave or a modern living room, our creations bring a piece of history to your personal space.

Authentic Helmets, Unique Pieces

Our lamps are made with carefully selected German, Belgian or American helmets from the First and Second World War. Each piece is unique and carries with it the history of its time. The holes and scratches tell the story of a bygone era and give the lamps a unique character.

Art with a Story

Our floor lamps are more than just light sources; they are works of art with an underlying story. Each piece began as a passion for the history of the First and Second World War. We give these authentic helmets a second life, transforming them into striking lamps that not only illuminate but also tell a story.

Passion for history, not a political message

Our passion for the First and Second World War is reflected in each carefully crafted piece, with no political message. Light up History is a celebration of history, a tribute to the men and women who risked their lives, and a way to keep their stories alive.

Discover the unique synergy between past and present with our floor lamps crafted from helmets from World War I and World War II. Illuminate not only your space, but also history. Order today and bring a piece of the past into your contemporary living environment.

Give light to history in your space!

Discover passion-filled floor lamps, each with a unique story. Order today and bring the past into your present!